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Car Wash

About Us

Welcome to the Aledo Car Wash

The Aledo Car Wash makes getting a car was FUN!
We are fast, friendly, and pay attention to every detail. You will drive away feeling oh-so-clean every time you wash. Our washes exceed expectation.

Our only mission is to clean a car as best we can, in as short amount of time as possible, while having as much fun as we can muster. While individual employees are encouraged to to pursue their own thoughts, ideals, beliefs, and philanthropy. The Aledo Car Wash as an entity neither endorses nor opposes any causes. It carries no outside opinion regarding politics, religion, or institution. We do not wish to engage in any controversy nor be taken captive by outside distractions. We simply want to wash cars.


  • Fast


All smiles from our tallest to our shortest employees!
Part of our detail team! Norma, Nelva, Claudia, Gaby, Jacquline, and Elisa will get your vehicle, "Good to go!"
Here and happy to serve the Aledo area!
Hand washes available for all vehicles sizes.

Rep/Contact Info

Marcus Nelson